psa yInSIp lIngwI' jejlaw' Separation luch

psa yInSIp lIngwI' jejlaw' Separation luch

yInSIp Concentrator, psa yInSIp lIngwI', psa voQSIp lIngwI' manufacturer ghap supplier qaStaHvIS jungwoq, offer psa yInSIp lIngwI' jejlaw' Separation luch, lIngwI' yInSIp Medical, meducal luch-psa-Daq yInSIp Concentrator je ngaj.

product details

basic Info

  • ghobe' ghantoH: KOB-25

  • patlh wab: 'eS

  • tlhIv je SoHbogh: 93-95 vatlhvI'

  • ngoQ: SIp Separation

  • application fields: Petroleum

  • je: chu'

  • warranty: 20 jar

  • Daq mung: tianjin jungwoq

  • specification: ce

  • hs ngoq: 84196019

  • certification: iso9001, sgs, ce, iso

  • voltage: 220v

  • usage: yInSIp

  • 'ay': Adsorption ghurqu' je

  • Size HablI': Medium

  • capacity: 1-3000nm3 ghap h

  • Segh: Skid-Mounted

  • trademark: yuanda

  • mung: hangzhou, zhejiang, jungwoq

1.flowrate:1-3000 nm3 ghap h (je request comstomer)
2. tlhIv je SoHbogh yInSIp: 93 vatlhvI' +/-3 vatlhvI':
3. 'eS Daqvam joH rop: 0.1-lIS 0.4 mpa 9can

product Features

1.Full Automation
All systems are designed for un-attended operation and automatic Oxygen demand adjustment.
2. Lower Space Requirement
The design and Instrumentation makes the plant size very compact, assembly on skids, prefabricated and supplied from factory.
3. Fast Start-up
Start-up time is about 30 minutes to get desired Oxygen purity. So these units can be switched ON & OFF as per Oxygen demand changes.
4. High Reliability
It's very reliable for continuous and steady operation with constant Oxygen purity. Plant availability time is better than 93% always.
5. Zeolite Molecular Sieves Life
Expected Zeolite Molecular Sieves life is more than 10-years i.e. whole life time of Oxygen plant. So no replacement costs.
6. Low investment and energy consumption
7. Simple operation and maintenance

functional Specification:
1. wa'-click start SachchoHghach'a', compressor jejlaw', refrigerated jejlaw' dryer, adsportion dryer, lIngwI' wanI'vammo' adopts pat Qap tlha' wa' pong wa' ghun start.
2. The oxygengenerator equipped with unqualified oxygen gas warning-galarm and automatic vent out ,then it can make sure that alloxygenthat goes into the pipeline is good quality.
3. yInSIp lIngwI' equipped colorful Hot jIHDaq vo' siemens DoyIchlan, laH 'oH
qet je, tlhIv je SoHbogh, joH rop, 'ej voQSIp rate naQ pat flow cha'
on-line; 'ej download leH poH ta ghum Seng, laH je qawmoH 'oH
Qap De'.

Zhejiang Yuanda Air Separation Equipment Co.,LTD
range psa voQSIp je yInSIp lIngwI', membrane voQSIp je yInSIp lIngwI', voQSIp purification pat etc ghaj, 'ej widely lo' neH industries petroleum, oil je SIp, chemicals, electronics, metallurgy, coals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, autos, HIvje', mep, Soj, medical treatment, tIr, etc ydget. ghaH DIS Qul qaStaHvIS jejlaw' separation cham 'ej mIp taS SIQpu'bogh qaStaHvIS Sar industries, DuDwI' ydget clients DuHIvDI' vI'Iprup reliable, ralqu'nIStaH economical, ralqu'nIStaH convenient targhHom veDDaq noch SIp taS.

SIQpu'bogh targhHom veDDaq noch team reH SuH 'e' legh chavmoH wIghaj. SoQvetlh per requirements poj 'ej yuQmeyDaq taS bISay'qa' SoH jonpIn sales. swift response bul guarantees after-DIlmeH chavmoH pat 'emvo' 24 rep resolutions 'ej qaStaHvIS poH shortest. ydget ngoy' luch offered pong maHvaD related chavmoH voQSIp ghap yInSIp lIngwI' latlh 'ej after-sales.
YDGET is dedicated to supplying with our customers with more reliable, more economical and more convenient air separation solutions and professional service.

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